Jimmy - The Man who became a machine..

The man who became a machine.
by Jimmy
Bøgh Christensen on 5th of october 2010

As pure
streams of energy rushes through my skin I stop for a moment
home, a
s I know it, in this place in my mind.
The reapperance of feelings feebly lost in the mists of time,
a comfo
rting thought glimpses in a short distant breath.
Lost here
, feelings of stillness, restlessness, and the all consuming
ity that comes with this state of mind.

thoughts gently passing by, like laying on the soft long grass
in a valley of greens, reds, violets and blues. The soft warm spring
wind gently caressing your skin as you watch coulds on a blue canvas sky,
ing by with no effort.

yet, a darkness, that I should not explore resides in this machine.
ogic, as it would seem, and cynicism, makes a solid base for reasoning,
that al
l of this is worthless.

seems that for every emotion, and every action, there is an explanation,
when put in the right terms, shows no sign of humanity. Everything is down
to s
ex and survival. Machines walk the earth, and most of them blissfully
unaware o
f the ethernal worthlessness of their lives. Machines that believe in
and values that they themselves are unable to rationally explain.
pid machines who for some reason let their programs go corrupt uptill a state
here many of them do not even fullfill their original goals. Machines
that inve
nt more machines, and even larger ones. Cultures, norms, societies,
ivilisations. These larger machines like cancer cells, do nothing but absorb
sources from the smaller machines who from birth become imprisoned in the
tions of their forefathers.

that feel, but for how long ?
What will
become of the machines when they no longer feel?
Will the
larger machines that enslave them become self-aware?
Will e
verything end?
not be here to find out, but the machines of the machines
might, and they might even read this, input into another large machine.